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Want to sell more? Stop talking

The best sales presentations occur when the salesperson isn’t speaking.

That’s because the if the seller isn’t speaking, the prospect is the one talking.

And when prospects talk, they help the salesperson understand what she needs to sell.  This would require the salesperson to, um, shut up.

Listening is a powerful selling tool because it builds trust. The more you listen to another person, the more she trusts you. Here are five selling tips to help you talk less when meeting with clients and prospects. Check out the YouTube video link below for a bonus tip.

5 cool ideas for talking less

1.  Pausing makes you a brilliant conversationalist.

An artful pause has many benefits.  First, it keeps you from interrupting.  Second, you show careful consideration by not jumping in with your own comments at the earliest opportunity. A third benefit of pausing is greater clarity because you’ll better understand what the other person is saying.

2.  Show interest in others and others will show interest in you.

Another way to become a great conversationalist is to ask questions. Never assume that you understand what the person is saying or trying to say.  Instead, ask, “How do you mean, exactly?”  By inviting the other person to expound, you'll demonstrate an almost unmatched interest in his or her thoughts and feelings.  Ask a question and then stop talking.

3.  Listening builds self-esteem.

When you listen attentively to another person, his self-esteem spikes and he will feel relaxed and happy in your presence.  When you notice this effect on others, you will also feel more relaxed and happy.  Your goal is to listen as if the other person is an important celebrity.

4.  Allow the teacher to teach.

Keep your presentation simple and try not to compete during conversation.  Allow people to impart their words of wisdom.  If appropriate, write down what they say.  When the other person is talking, move one hand to the lower part of your face.  This sends a signal that you’re interested in what she is saying.

5.  Listening builds your character.

It can take a real effort to keep your attention focused on another person’s words.  The human mind can listen to and process words at 500-600 words per minute, yet the average person only speaks about at about 150 words per minute.  Try paying close attention to what the other person is saying and you will develop more self-discipline.  When you become a better listener, you become a better person.

Want more ideas for selling?

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Here's a sample video on how to get your prospect to talk first, recorded in a hotel gym of all places.

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