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Let's start with this premise: Consulting or coaching should not only be undeniably effective, it should more than pay for itself in a reasonably short period of time.

Michael Angelo Caruso's services can help you in four ways:

1) One-on-one coaching.

Some call it “charm school.” Michael Angelo Caruso’s “show coaching” gets fast results through inquiry, encouragement and real-time demos. If you’re in charge, Michael will show you how to get more from your team members. If you’re not in charge, this coaching will help you move up the org chart. 

2) Strengthen your leadership team.

The team usually improves right after the leader does. It’s not easy getting smart people to play nice together. Michael plays a valuable role for clients–he’s an authority, but an advocate; he holds people accountable, but never in a punitive way. Leadership succession is the key to growing a great company or organization, so let’s involve as many people as practical and get them the help they need. Want to work together online? No problem.  Here’s how the screen looks on Michael’s webinar calls….


3) Improve sales through training, modeling and coaching.

Michael's done sales consulting for many successful companies and organizations, including Iowa State Bank, the Barbados Ministry of Tourism and Discount Tire. 


His specialty is modeling or “show-coaching,” an effective training method to improve presentations and help teams increase sales. Here’s a sample of Michael’s coaching style.


Hopefully, you're cultivating the next round of Rainmakers in your business. If so, Michael’s Rainmaker Sales Training can make this happen for you quite quickly.  


This program gets results!

4) Grow your business

Get expert counsel that’s all but guaranteed to improve your top line and your bottom line. Michael and his team can help with everything from online marketing to improving key metrics in your operations. Position yourself for even more success starting today!​

Click below to schedule a free consulting/coaching session with Michael!

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