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Sales are the lifeblood of every profitable business and you need at least one rainmaker keep that blood pumping.

In legal parlance, a “rainmaker” is an attorney at a law firm–usually a partner–who specializes at bringing in new clients.

Of course, there are rainmakers in every industry, including accounting, banking, medical practices and even dentistry.

One could argue that every employee at your company has the ability to bring in new business, right?

You’re probably on the lookout for the next round of rainmakers in your business.

If so, Michael Angelo Caruso’s Rainmaker Training can make this happen for you quite quickly.

Part sales training boot camp, part networking immersion, and part charm school, this  program gets results!

Quality sales training is vital to your business

This Rainmaker Training program is a wise investment in your company’s short-term and long-term success.

Michael will work with your sales team to get their numbers where they need to be.

Many clients see results within as few as 90 days.

Your sessions will be a customized combination of high-powered phone calls, Skype video sessions, and group training events at your business or a nearby location.

Watch the video below as Michael discusses “Rainmaking for Accountants.”

You can also engage Mr. Caruso for “Rainmaking for Attorneys” and “Rainmaking for Insurance Agents.” The strategies for bringing in new business may vary a bit from industry to industry, but selling principles remain basically the same.

Why Rainmaker training works so well

This program delivers in three critical and interdependent areas.

Michael refers to them as “The 3 Cs.” They are: Content, Communication, and Context.


– The most comprehensive course curriculum of its kind

– 120-page study guide assembled in customized binders

– Royalty free copy of Michael’s 7 Simple Sales Closes That Work

– A half-dozen digital information products for your corporate learning library

– Mastery of Michael calls “The Perfect Sales Conversation”


– One-on-one sessions in person, via phone, and Skype video

– 24×7 connectivity with Michael throughout the length of the course

– Michael can attend sales calls or listen in via phone

– “Aftercare” phone calls and emails with each participant


– Each participant is interviewed, then accepted into the program

– Each participant signs a letter of intent to do his or her best to be successful

– Michael becomes very familiar with the participants’ backgrounds and experience

The “3 Cs” help create a unique bond of advocacy between students and teacher. This bond, combined with the systematic introduction of selling skills and Michael’s unique coaching style deliver positive results in a relatively short period of time.

Sample schedule for the first 90-days

Month #1:  STAGING SUCCESS — Phone interviews, Skype video sessions, group training


After prospective attendees are screened and accepted into the program, participants will be asked to sign a letter of intent that will be used to evaluate them at the end of the program.

This document can be added to their personnel record for at their next performance review.

During the first month, attendees are (re)introduced to their potential and positioned for success. Michael uses this early time with participants to share goals, develop rapport, and build trust. He also uses this time to interview the participants to determine your firm’s current selling protocol.

The first month of training is also used to develop video baselines of how participants conduct selling presentations before the training.

Course content for this first session includes time management strategies and how to form success habits.

Course content is adapted from Michael’s published titles, including, Add One Hour to Every Day, Stress Busters for Busy People, Selling More Better Faster, and Network Like a Pro–all highly customized for your specific industry and your particular company. 

During the first month of training, participants are asked to begin calling Michael with a weekly update to report success stories, work through challenges, and receive encouragement. They also begin officially tracking their Rainmaker results on a personal scorecard.

The first month’s deliverables include:  

– How to save one hour a day

– The perfect elevator speech

– Sharpening the pre-qualification process so you don’t waste time

– Why you are probably submitting too many proposals to quickly

– “Head check” on how you really feel about selling

– “Gut check” on how you really feel about success

– Why we don’t call his program “sales training”

– Practical strategies for hyper-efficient prospecting

– Superior time management strategies


Other first-month activities include:  

– Develop selling scripts

– Identify prospects

– Learn social media techniques that sell

– The psychology of selling

– Using your voice to persuade

Month #2:  SELLING THROUGH CONVERSATION — Simply the best sales training your team has ever received


Each month, Michael will visit your Rainmakers at or near your location to deliver a half-day group training session and to spend valuable one-on-one time with each participant.

Course content is adapted from Michael’s published titles, including, Selling More, Better, Faster; Negotiation for Fun and Profit; and How to Give Killer Presentations.

Michael will travel to your location to deliver a half-day training session to the entire group and spend dedicated time with each trainee individually during the same visit.  This unique combination of small group learning and personal tutoring is a hyper-efficient way to learn.

The second month’s activities include: 

– The sales chronology overview

– Prospecting, qualifying the prospect

– Getting past screeners

– The short game vs. the long game

– Mastering the appointment

– Trial close techniques

– 10 closing strategies that every Rainmaker should master

– Dealing with common objections

– Best practices for making sales presentations

– Michael’s best strategies for mastering referral selling

– Deep dive into the chronology of a sale from prospecting through closing

– Time for ongoing Q&A


Also during the second month:

– Participants continue to call Michael weekly to report their success

– The Rainmaker scorecards continue to get fleshed out and


Month #3:  THE FORECAST CALLS FOR RAIN — Celebrating success and locking in new Rainmaking habits for life


By the eighth week of the program, most participants have multiple new prospects in the funnel.

In many instances, fresh revenue is already coming in to the company.

Results vary from client to client. Of course, everything is predicated on your sales team’s willingness to  take direction and improve their sales.

Our content for this month is mostly related to closing the sale and is largely adapted from Michael’s published titles, including, 22 Sales Closes That Work.


The third month’s activities include:

– Half-day group session at your location

– How to close multiple clients at the same time

– Mastering “The Close”

– A one-hour session with each member of the rainmaker class

– Ten specific closing strategies

– Dealing with the two kinds of objections (price and otherwise)

– The Half-Nelson Close

– The Porcupine Close

– The Redirect Close

– The magic of referral selling

– How to become an industry expert

– Learn to up-sell clients without being a pest

– Get clients to sell for you

-Time for ongoing Q&A


Also during the third and final month:

– Michael records each Rainmaker for a post training video comparison

– Monitor progress and celebrate success

– Participants share success stories a la Peter Senge’s “learning organization”

– Why most clients continue to retain Michael

Incredible Value

Good sales training pays for itself pretty quickly.

This training program is specifically designed to bring in thousands of dollars in new business much faster than you can if your people do not receive the training.

That’s why you can view the cost of this program as an investment rather than a line item expense.

Again, at least one person from the program is very likely to generate a signed engagement letter from a prospective client within 90 days of training completion.

Many of Michael’s Rainmakers generate new business during the training period.

Unconditional guarantee

All Edison House products and services are 100% guaranteed.

Michael works with clients to arrange internal bench marks during the training to monitor progress and your complete satisfaction.

Just let us know if you are unhappy with anything and we will immediately make things right for you.

What people are saying

“I’ve been bringing Michael in to speak to my store managers for many years now.  His sales training is perfect for my employees because many of them don’t think of themselves as salespeople. Few people actually like to sell and Michael is really good at teaching how to persuade through the art of conversation.”​

-Al Hatfield, Regional Vice-President, America’s Tire Company, Lake Forest, CA



“I attended Rainmaker training at Michael’s home and his tips helped me and my team obtain over $2.5 million in business within 90 days.  Amazing!”

-Bridget Grewal, Packaging Consultant, Surgere Inc., Birmingham, MI 

[Update:  Bridget reports that the total ROI from Michael’s training is now closer to $4 million.  These types of results cannot be guaranteed.]



“The sales training and personal coaching I received from Michael exceeded my expectations. Several of our firm’s young leaders recently completed sales training and individual coaching with Michael Caruso. I expect his techniques, tips and coaching will pay dividends for them personally and our firm throughout their careers.”

-Keith Ekenseair, Managing Partner, Frost, PLLC, Little Rock, Arkansas


Your firm has much unrealized potential.  It’s time to do more great things!


Book your free consult today to learn how Michael Angelo Caruso’s Rainmaker Sales Training program can transform your business.

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