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Do you need members for your Chamber of Commerce?


If yes, you’ll be interested in Michael Angelo Caruso’s community Partner Program.


This arrangement allows a 50-50 revenue split (after expenses) and it’s a fantastic way to book a high-content program at half the regular cost.


Mr. Caruso has worked with Chambers all over the United States to help them provide quality programming at an affordable price.


The Chambers use Michael to retain members, recruit new members, and make some money.


What people are saying about Michael’s Partner Program

Dear Michael,

Thank you so much for your partner program events here in Effingham, Illinois.

It’s our pleasure to now host you as an annual event when you come through town.  Your sales seminar was very well received! A very high percentage of the evaluations were “excellent” and we received many positive comments.


We’ll need to talk soon about our next annual event. It’s always a pleasure to work with you!

-Norma Lansing, Executive Director, Effingham Chamber of Commerce, Illinois


Here’s what’s in it for you

This unique community Partner Program allows a 50-50 split of revenues after expenses.

For example, if you get 50 people to attend at $50 each, you’ll have  $2,500 in ticket sales.

Maybe you’ll get two companies to sponsor at $1,000 each or four at $500 each.

That’s $2,000 in sponsorships, plus $2,500 in ticket sales for a gross revenue of $4,500–and this is modest scenario.

Once you pay Michael 50% and then pay other expenses–usually no more than 20% of the gross, your organization gets to everything that’s left. In the above example–assuming you get the venue donated– expenses could be a $1,000 or so, including food, beverages and Michael’s travel expenses.


This means a net of $3,500 and approximately $1,750 in revenue for your chamber.


Sell more tickets in the above scenario, increase the ticket price or sell more sponsorships and the results are even better!  Pretty good deal, eh?

Michael even helps promote your event!

It’s easy to promote a speaker who provides turnkey marketing materials.


Simply copy-paste Michael’s content to create your promotional pdfs and flyers.


You can even “adopt” a .pdf from a previously successful event (as displayed above).


Michael’s team will work with you in advance of your partner program event to keep you on schedule and on track.

When marketing, remember to use key modalities such as email, social media, and video. Push out his fun YouTube videos to your social media networks.

There’s a sample video, below right.


Community partners

  • Better Business Bureau, Lake Charles, LA

  • Berkley Chamber of Commerce, MI

  • Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce, MI

  • East Tammany Chamber of Commerce, LA

  • Effingham Chamber of Commerce, IL

  • Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce, MI

  • Greenville Chamber of Commerce, MI

  • Warwick County Chamber of Commerce, IN

And many more!

Your next step

When you contact us regarding a partner program, it’s a good idea to have as much information about your event goals as possible.

Please share your preferred event date, how many people you expect to attend, a list of media contacts, how much money you would like to raise, the seating capacity of the venue,  etc.

Contact Michael to learn more.  

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