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If you or your team are in a hurry for training and would rather not wait to attend in-person sessions, let's schedule a Zoom training session right away!

Click below and give us a few details about your training goals, what you need help with and who on your team needs training.


What People Are Saying About Michael Angelo Caruso's Webinars

"Feedback on Michael’s webinar was very positive. He was an excellent fit for us… lots of energy, well grounded in his topic, and a keen sense of humor. I’d like to use his talents again.  Michael exceeded my expectations!“​

- Deborah J. Maddy, Associate Provost for University Outreach & Engagement, Associate Director,    Oregon State University, Eugene


“Michael was the perfect motivator and educator for my tax team as we began a new, busy season. I’ve always loved his presentation style and his one-hour webinar was just what we needed to energize us.” 

- Jane Saint John, Owner, Block Advisors, Chicago, IL

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