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Robert Cialdini, the author of the book, Influence, coined the phrase “social proof” to describe how consumers and society members can help identify good quality and value.


If you’re shopping for a keynote speaker, social proof is an invaluable evaluation tool. Be on the lookout for the enthusiasm that can’t be faked.



Reviews of Keynotes and Training Sessions

“Michael Caruso’s professional development seminar was the best I’ve ever attended!”

- Christopher Chafin, Miami University, Oxford, OH


“I had watched Michael a lot on YouTube, but first saw him perform live in Sydney, Australia. I immediately set about trying to persuade him to come to the United Kingdom to keynote our 2017 conference. 


Indeed, Michael, delivered two outstanding sessions to our 650 attendees. His style travels well – he wins over the most skeptical of audiences and delivers every time. Michael (and his partner, Rene Pothetes, who also spoke) gave generously of their time and talents to our delegates.  


If you’re looking for an amazing speaker, Michael’s your man!”


     - John Greening, Event Planner and Conference Chair, London, England



“Michael Caruso connects with his audience. He captured my intellect and not just my emotions.”


     - Sandy Wilson, Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund, Columbus, OH



“Wow!  What a motivator! Michael’s reviews were off the charts!”


     - Laurie Schwartz, Best Western, Bismarck, ND



“Michael Angelo Caruso gave a lively and memorable keynote speech to our attendees. Our younger members especially liked his loose and fun speaking style.  


His talk on change is just what we needed!  It was a pleasure working with Rene from his office, as well. A pleasurable experience from start to finish!”


     - Karen Moody, President, Mississippi Society of CPAs



“Michael’s one-day program is jam-packed with useful content. His Present Like a Pro training taught me to own the room when presenting.”


     - Douglas Gladman, Honda, Troy, OH



“I’ve sat in his audience and co-presented with him. This Caruso guy is the best in the business. Michael is the real deal and will help you build your brand.”


     - Steve Holt, IT Director, University of Tennessee-Martin



“Michael Angelo Caruso’s keynote had a tremendous impact on 300 people at our multi-District conference. He opened our event and people were quoting him for the rest of the conference. The reviews were our best ever.”


     - Tommy White, Conf. Chair, Ole Man River President Training, Oxford, MS



“Fantastic!  Michael really knows how to keep an audience’s attention. He makes learning interesting.”


     - Patty McKendrick, U.S. Playing Card Co., Cincinnati, OH


“Very strong speaker! Michael gets right to the point with no fluff.”


     - Koreatha Todd, Anheuser Busch Employee CU, St. Louis, MO



“Michael Angelo Caruso is a leader in the field of human development. A captivating speaker and inspirational writer, Michael draws from a wide variety of knowledge to help create positive growth and change within individuals and the organizations in which they work.  


I can see why Michael's had such great success in reaching and teaching audiences worldwide.”


     - Jerry Nehr, President, Creative Discoveries Training, Detroit, MI


Sales Coaching Reviews


“Michael’s sales training session got fantastic reviews.  For weeks afterward, people were repeating things Michael said during the training. Very cool.“


     - Chuck Surack, President, Sweetwater Sound, Fort Wayne, IN

“It was taking too long for us to close sales. Michael’s video sales coaching is fun and helped reduce our sales cycle.”


     - John Tyl, Smart Thought Tech., Toronto, ON, Canada


Personal Development Reviews

“Michael taught me how to deliver an effective ‘elevator speech,’ an important tool in my line of work.”


     - Luis Ramirez, TGI Friday’s, St. Louis, MO


“Michael Caruso is awesome! I immediately adopted his ‘power hour’ to start my day.”


     - Casey Bredehoeft, U.S. Coast Guard, St. Louis, MO


“It was good to learn fresh techniques for entering a room with confidence. Great tips I never knew existed.”


     - Judd Nance, La-Z-Boy, Jackson, MS


“I loved Michael’s '5 Cool Ideas for Better Interviewing!'”


     - Julie Armento, Ernst & Young, Morristown, NJ

“Very dynamic presentation. Real-life examples. One of the best instructors I’ve had.”


     - Donna Pettito, Pfizer, Morristown, NJ


“Michael did a great job of making the entire day relevant and fun. I think I’m more persuasive already.”


     - Ginger Picone, Hallmark Cards, Hartford, CT


“This has been the most positive learning experience of my life. I can make myself even better with practice.” - Toni Wright, U.S. Coast Guard, St. Louis, MO


“Michael Caruso is a treasure chest of knowledge, a top-notch presenter and my new best friend.”


     - Anne Schreiber, Polaris Career Company, Cleveland, OH


“I attended Effective Leadership–Getting People to Do Stuff.  Michael is very good at dealing with people issues. He’s one of the best speakers I’ve heard.”


     - Dan Gorman, Cleveland Metro Parks, OH


“Extremely useful content! A fantastic boost to my professional and personal life.”


     - Heidi Haupt, Hershey Entertainment & Resorts, Hershey, PA


“Michael is an outstanding facilitator, comfortable and open to questions. He’s an excellent example of the right person doing the right job.”


     - Michael Baumann, American Red Cross, Philadelphia, PA


“Wow!  I found how fast Michael’s coaching works! My son, a freshman now away at college, has been going through a lot. His calls home were few and short, mainly because I was interrogating him.  


Well, today I listened. He had done very well on a PowerPoint project at school. Normally I would’ve said, “That was good, but you can do better.” Today I told him, “That’s great” and that I was proud of him. Our call lasted twice as long as usual. The stress was absent and so was the worry.


Thanks for your help, Michael. Your class is a great motivation to improve in every facet of one’s life.”


     - Joe Yochim, Delcora, King of Prussia, PA

“Life changing!  I love Michael’s idea of creating letters for the family and am creating my version of Dear Michael Angelo–A Father’s Life Letters to His Son.“


     - Jeff Messner, State of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN

“Michael Angelo Caruso is the modern-day Zig Ziglar.”


     - Barry Bruckner via YouTube

I loved Michael’s self-esteem story from his father. Wow! The impact of a few words is staggering!”


     - Patti Bilbrey, Picayune Schools, Biloxi, MS


Reviews of Michael's Information Products

“After listening to Michael’s audio Selling More, Better, Faster audio program,  I closed a 5-year lease contract that I thought was lost. Thank you!”

     - Bob Gunter, CEO, Premier Diagnostic Imaging, Cookeville, TN


“Michael is absolutely fantastic and his books are as good as his amazing presentations. This man makes a daily impact on me thanks to social media and I’m so grateful.”


     - John T. Capps, Author and Speaker, Morehead, NC


“I ordered some of Michael’s sales training materials and loved them.  I really love his stuff. This guy is right on the money when it comes to making effective presentations.”


     - Chad Drexler, The Baseball Head Doc, Minneapolis, MN


“I saw Michael on television talking about dealing with difficult people.  He’s a very talented speaker and fun to watch.”


     - Edward Marsh, Night Cry Graphics via Linkedin


“Michael’s Present Like a Pro DVD is a master class in speaking.”


- Bill Cowger, Acacia Photography, Troy, MI


“Michael Angelo Caruso has done it again!  His Effective Leadership – Getting People To Do Stuff audio program is packed with great leadership tips. Thanks for contributing to my life-long education and helping me be a better person.”


     - Cliff Battles, Palm Beach County Parks & Recreation Dept., Lake Worth, FL


“Michael is undoubtedly one of the best in his field. His approach to sales consulting is very unique. He’s had a long-lasting positive effect on the attitudes and behaviors on the engineers in my firm. Michael is a trusted adviser and long-time friend.”


     - Sam Hoff, President, Patti Engineering, Auburn Hills, MI

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