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Mastering the art of presentation may be the single most important goal for any leader or salesperson.

Being able to motivate others is very important, so there’s a direct relationship between your success and your ability to make effective presentations.

Communication consultant, Michael Angelo Caruso has been helping business people be more successful for over three decades, primarily through presentation training.

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“I help speakers and presenters stop working against themselves,” says Caruso. “It’s a careful balancing act to know what to include in a presentation and what to leave out.”


Improve your presentation almost overnight

Improving your effectiveness as a presenter is an iterative process because you are changing habits. But you’ll see important improvements after spending only a short time with Michael Angelo Caruso.

He’ll visit your company to deliver training seminars to your leadership or sales team. Michael can also attend your industry convention to give a keynote on how to improve presentation skills.

Michael is a trusted consultant to hundreds of companies and a well-regarded speaker coach for top business leaders, celebrities, and politicians.​

His clients include large organizations such as Verizon Wireless, Rayovac, The National Institutes of Health, Nissan, and the State of Alaska. High-profile clients request and receive confidentiality.

Choose from a selection of Michael’s popular information products, including books, e-books, and audio programs.

Michael can help with the following:

All good presentations should have a call to action (CTA).

Even if the CTA isn’t delivered as part of a sales presenta- tion, the presenter should be exercising some form of influence or persuasion.

We create websites and brochures to inform. 


We deliver presentations to change behavior. That’s why you should learn to present like a pro.

Michael helps make speaking and presenting easier–even fun.

In the process, you’ll improve your leadership abilities, your persuasion skills and build a reputation as an exceptional speaker.​​​​​

  • Use PowerPoint and Prezi in unique and effective ways

  • Avoid nervousness so you can relax and be more believable

  • Sharpen your call to action–the main reason you’re presenting!

  • Win over almost any audience within seconds

  • Become more persuasive using Michael’s special “power phrases”

  • Get the audience to do 3 important things in the first 6 minutes

  • Master your presentation with confidence and flair

  • Read the crowd faster and more accurately

  • Create original content that makes you irreplaceable on your team

  • Project your voice with confidence

  • Use body language that matches what you say

  • Avoid the number one mistake regarding your audio-visuals

  • Deliver memorable, convincing signature stories

  • Craft a value proposition that's crystal clear and irresistable

  • Convince more prospects to do business with you

  • Be the best-liked, most effective speaker on any panel

  • Use non-verbal cues to be even more persuasive

  • Open your presentation with authority and influence 

  • Persuade audiences like a celebrity

  • Keep everyone’s attention until the very end

  • Impress people as a professional speaker even if you are not

  • Incorporate high-end presentation tips that work almost every time

  • Use cool time-tested and road-tested speaker tricks

  • Employ speed-writing strategies so you can sleep the night before 

  • Increase revenue from whatever you’re selling

  • Motivate every audience in two specific ways

  • And much more!

Speaker training, keynote, spokesperson

Michael is known as the speaker’s speaker because his speaker training sessions yield impressive results. This training pays for itself very quickly.

Book Michael to train your sales or leadership team. You can also book him to keynote your next industry conference or to be a spokesperson for your company. Watch this video demo

“Michael Angelo Caruso gives more great presentation tips in 30-minutes than most students learn in a semester class.”  –Bill Cowger, Acacia Photography, Troy, Michigan

Join Michael’s Present Like a Pro group on Facebook to get speaking strategies and ideas.

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