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Be like Bach; Keep your presentation simple

[Note: This article was first published (as a File) in Michael Angelo Caruso's Present Like a Pro Group on Facebook. Join to receive ongoing speaking tips.]

Most classical music compositions suggest a tempo (adagio, andante, etc.) and dynamics (forte, pianissimo, etc.).

But Johann Sebastian Bach's music contains almost no such markings. Bach composed music so easily interpreted that the player wouldn't even need to use the keyboard's foot pedal.

Players and therefore listeners would just "get it."

This is not a bad way to think about your presentation content.

When your speech is clean and straight-forward, people will "get you." When what you say flows easily, free from gimmicks and games, audiences will instantly understand what you want them to do. They will then act on your message because it is written and delivered so clearly.

Try this easy test

Use comments to share the essence of your presentation message.

Can you get it down to only one sentence?

Can you express the essence of your talk in just a few words? Only one word?

Be like Bach. Leave out the bling and just get to the point.

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