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Get more from your PowerPoint

PowerPoint is overrated.

Oh, it's fine for adding some pizzazz to your message. Cool photos and fun videos can make your presentation more interesting, but it's better for you to be more interesting.

I'm a professional speaker who hasn't used PowerPoint for nearly ten years.

Ideas to improve your PPT ROI

One of the problems with spending scads of time creating a slide deck is that you could have used that time to rehearse your talk. #ouch

Let's cover some ways you can get a bigger return-on-investment from PPT. Most PowerPoint presentations don't play well outside the live event. Slide decks without commentary are lifeless and flat.

Give your work more reach by converting a few key slides into .jpgs that can be share in emails, on social media and in blogs and LinkedIn articles. The image below is from my 5 Steps to Amazing Presentations PPT and introduces my two "pets," Feng and Shui. (These critters don't eat much, ha.)

I've also re-purposed that slide show as a video. As of this writing the vid has 1,300 views on YouTube. Watch it here.

If you must use PowerPoint, keep thinking of unconventional ways you can get more from it. Do all you can to become a more effective presenter.

Want help with your presentations?

I offer to speaker coaching that will help you level up your presentations skills very quickly.

If your presentations are important to you, book a free consult with me here. Push through the short survey to receive an automated Zoom link. AMA (Ask Me Anything) on this call!

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