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ZZ Top, Lap Top, Top of the World

[Note: This article was originally published as a Friday5 mailing to Michael Angelo Caruso's distribution list. Subscribe to the Friday5 for weekly life tips and motivation.]

Laughing -

It's fun finding humor in the little moments. A help desk person wanted to put me on hold, so I asked her what kind of music there would be. She said, "Oh, it's not like ZZ Top or anything."

Opening -

You can get a laptop for $200, but you shouldn't. Solid-state storage (SSD) makes the biggest difference in every day computer tasks. Launching applications and opening files is much faster on an SSD than on a hard drive. PC Magazine rates the least expensive 2019 SSDs here.

Reading -

I'm reading the book, Attention Merchants by Tim Wu. It's the story of the epic scramble to get inside consumers' heads. Fascinating behind-the-scenes stories of the most famous persuasion campaigns in history.

Flying -

It's travel season for me again! I'm off to speak at a leadership event in Niagara Falls and deliver sales training to a manufacturing company in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Learning -

I'll use travel time to again listen to Tom Biluyeu's interview with Sadhguru, the Indian mystic. The guru says that energy is the secret of life.

Sadhguru says, "If you are miserable, time goes away. If you are happy, time goes away. Might as well be happy."

Even I can understand that!

Here's a 3-minute video on how let go of stuff like negative energy. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified of new motivational messages.


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