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Coldplay's customer service

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Even pop bands need to deliver customer service.

coldplay, customer service, watching the exits

Chris Martin, lead singer of the Grammy award-winning British rock group, Coldplay, (Viva La Vida, Yellow, Clocks), has spoken about the clever, but simple way he and his band mates determine which songs to include in their concerts. 

"We can't see all that well from the stage," explains Martin. "But we can see the lights from all the doorway exit signs."

"So if we see silhouettes in the doorways, it means people are going to get a hot dog, or whatever," Martin laughs.

Martin says the band tries to make sure there are no silhouettes at the exits.  "I know we're doing okay when all the exits are clear."

Watch the exits 

Do you like Coldplay's customer service idea? 

Me, too.  I like ideas that are inexpensive and easy to implement.  

Are your employees watching the customer exits?  Does your company

use all the easy, inexpensive ways to monitor customer satisfaction and 

keep clients from leaving?

Watching the exits comes up a lot when I'm helping clients improve customer service initiatives. It makes no sense to spend time, energy and money to increase sales, only to have customers slip away from you in almost systematic ways.


Companies that are interested in watching the exits are also usually interested in:

  • Customer service techniques that really turn heads 

  • My special idea for loyalty (and it doesn't cost anything!)

  • Becoming recognized industry experts

  • Getting their teams more excited about "owning" customer problems

  • Making customer service a revenue center

If Coldplay can do it...

Look, if a pop band can provide amazing customer service, so can your company.

Here are some things to consider as you plan the upgrade:

  • How long does the average customer stay with you?

  • What is the industry standard?

  • How do you know if people don't like your product or service?

  • What is your Silhouette Factor? How do you know people are leaving?

  • Who can help you make things better?

That last question is particularly interesting because changing corporate culture can be very difficult. Consider bringing in a consultant to help watch the exits. As a direct--and valuable business coach said to me once, "If you could do it yourself, you would have done it already."

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