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Time to get out of your own way, yet?

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Fashion designer, Kate Spade, had a struggle launching her business.  The big stores were ordering her handbags, but Kate wasn't making any money and her cash reserves were running out.  She almost shut the brand down. Then came the idea that super-charged her company and staged a $158 million sale.  She moved the Kate Spade logo from the inside of the bag to the outsideRead the story and be inspired. Never hide what you offer to the world.  It almost never works out. Interviewing 

I've recently had amazing conversations with: a New York Times best-selling author, director of the hockey movie, The Russian Five and the drummer of the band, Chicago.  Eavesdrop on the Talk to Me podcast or watch the video versions

I appreciate all the Likes and Comments, thanks!  (Subscribe to be notified of new interviews.) Relaxing 

I recently did a poll of speakers and presenters in my Present Like a Pro Facebook group to ask them how they like to relax.  The answers were fun and illuminating.  It's great to sit back and vegetate once in a while, but the best kinds of relaxation nurture you and give you energy.  Try a fun bike ride or a casual walk in nature this weekend. 

Also, sit and read for an hour with no interruptions, including devices of any kind.  Aaahh.... Summer cooking  The pandemic has made a lot of us better cooks.  Check out this fun dish that came out great when I cooked it last week.  Chicken breasts, ginger, cilantro, mint, garlic, lemon, olive oil = #yum!  Let me know how it turns out! Digitizing

I'm using The Shutdown to digitize hundreds of photographs and am sharing fun stories in Facebook Live sessions and in the blog.  The ongoing trip down memory lane reminds me of a more innocent time, such as performing in the Caruso Brothers band#GoodTimes

Rock on!     

Until next time, remember the famous words of the former big band leader, Count Basie, who said, "Learn to take care of the valleys.  The hills will take care of themselves." 

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