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Top 10 excuses for not being great

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Everyone has the ability to be great.  

In fact, greatness is probably the most natural of all achievements.  So why doesn't it happen for more people?

One popular theory is that people "get in their own way."  Many people say that they don't receive enough encouragement.

Here are the top ten excuses for not being great, along with some quick  advice on how to improve your game.

1. You don’t know how.

Huh? You’re kidding, right?  I have one word for you:


Need a book?  Your public library has thousands and you won’t have to wait in line because most libraries are way underutilized.  And books there are free to you!

Need tutelage?  Hire a coach.

Get good at accessing what you need to know.  It’s your ticket to greatness.

2. You don’t know the right people.

Nearly anyone you need to know can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or YouTube

Start reaching out to folks.

It also wouldn't hurt to make yourself more available.

Most people on Facebook sign up about 165 friends and stop.  The average person actually stops trying to be likable as he or she gets older.  They say things like, "I am what I am and I'm not changing for anybody."

Become more psychologically attractive and you'll connect with people who can help you achieve greatness.

3. You don’t have the money.

This is a math problem everyone can solve.

There are two major ways that you can have more money.

The first way is to reduce expenses.  Create a strict budget and set aside a portion of your income.  This will entail sacrifice, a lost art in a society that strongly identifies with comfort and instant gratification.

The second way to have more money is to find a job that pays more.  This is also known as “leaving your comfort zone.”  Growth doesn't come from being in your comfort zone.  It comes from being uncomfortable.

Would you like to double your income?  Get a second job!  If you really want the money, you’ll do it.

One of the easiest ways to earn money is to sell information.  Do this by creating a short "how-to" e-book.

Type the how-to instructions into a Word document and save the document to a .pdf.  Then sell the info product online and off.  Sell ten e-books at $10 each and you’ll have an extra $100.

Money is all around you.  Go get it.

4. Someone else is already doing it.

Count on it.  Someone, somewhere is already doing what you’re doing.  Work around them.  Do it better or dramatically different.

Which came first, Copyblogger or Problogger?  Groupon or Living Social?  Dyson or Hoover?  Yahoo or Hotmail?

You don’t know?  Don't worry; nobody does.  Very few people will care if you’re not "first to market" as long as what you're offering is unique and worthwhile.

5. You’ll get to it later.

Maybe you will.  But life introduces all sorts of distractions.

Face it, you’re only going to get busier.

Now is the time to put “greatness” on your calendar.

Schedule it, then accomplish it.  It’s called “greatness” partly because it makes you feel great!

6. You’re not ready for that level of success.

Success is a head game of sorts.

If you're trying something new, how do you ever really know if you’re truly "ready?"  What does “ready” even mean?

Stop making excuses and realize you’ll enjoy life more when you’re in a better place.

7. There are too many obstacles.

This is a terrible excuse for dodging greatness.

Heroes do things that others are unwilling or unable to do.

Most people who attain greatness are born into misfortune.

Or get beat up by bad guys.  Or are betrayed by a best friend or have their hearts broken, or have a really bad accident.

If being a superhero was easy, everyone would do it.

8. You don’t have a (good) website.

Website, schmebsite.

A killer website can be useful for success and greatness.  But if you don’t have one, you have options.  If your current crappy website needs a redesign, hire someone to redesign it.

Meanwhile, you can promote, brand, and even sell from a Facebook group page.  Build a following with a monthly email that offers value.  Write guest articles for people that run popular websites.

Achieve greatness by helping people through affiliate marketing.

9. You’re too tired.

Being tired all the time is not normal.

Good health is important and certainly makes it easier to be great. 

Sufficient rest is part of good health.  If you need more sleep, go to bed earlier.

10. You’re just not confident enough.

Okay, so maybe mommy and daddy didn't love you enough.  It's time to get past that.  Confidence is a learned behavior.

Listen to self-help programs and motivational messages.  These total strangers will say things to you that your loved ones will not.

It sounds implausible, but if you listen often enough to the right people, you will begin to believe there is greatness in you. And you know what? There is!

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