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This Thanksgiving I'm grateful for...

Note: Your friends and colleagues can subscribe to the Friday5 here. Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! One might think The Year of the Pandemic is no cause for giving thanks, but now is an especially good time to be grateful. I'm thankful for Bob Ross

I'm grateful to anyone who helps me feel better when crazy things are happening. The painter, Bob Ross, is one of those people. Bob died in 1995, but The Joy of Painting TV show is super popular on YouTube. Check out Island in the Wilderness from season 29. It has over 32 million views. Bob's instructional sessions settle me down in ways I can't quite explain. I'm not embarrassed to say that on many nights, I go to bed with Bob Ross... and The Redhead, of course! The Redhead

Needless to say, this listing is not in order of importance. I'm so grateful for Rene Pothetes, who's been so good to me in so many ways. Did you know that Red has a culinary arts degree? Check out her Eat, Evolve, Inspire! group on Facebook for great tips on eating right and staying healthy.

Long-tail keywords Just because there's a Slowdown, doesn't mean you shouldn't value your time. I add extra keywords to Internet searches to get information much more quickly. Long-tail keyword searches also help move past the advertising and "common knowledge" type info. Example: You can search "Michael Angelo Caruso" to find my videos on YouTube. But type one more word into the search window (funny, leadership, speaking) and you'll get exactly what you're looking for.

Adjectives Positive adjectives are descriptive words that infuse dialog with useful emotions. This improves conversations even as people "cocoon" during COVID. For a demo on how this works, check out this video on how to introduce your spouse or partner. Your comments are always welcome!

Dave Chapelle When you're waiting out a virus, laughter may be the best medicine. Prodigious and extremely clever, Dave Chappelle cuts through the noise with incisive social commentary about life's absurdities. Thanks for the laughs, Dave.

Glad we're connected! See you on Instagram, where I'm more light and breezy. I'm more edgy and provocative on Twitter.

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