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The secret to connecting with others

Facial expressions have always been super important when presenting and the pandemic is an opportunity for you to improve how you communicate.

One particular part of your face is extremely important when leading, selling or doing any kind of speaking. It doesn't matter if you're presenting on Zoom or in person, wearing a Covid mask or not. This technique will do wonders for your expression, your ability to influence, your closing ratio and your general ability to connect with others. It's obvious that elite leaders and salespeople communicate better than most people. But what exactly do they do differently? And how can it be replicated so that others can enjoy the benefits of efficient expression?

Speaking skills are a complex menu of verbal and even non-verbal techniques. Tone, pitch, pace and vocabulary are certainly important. For years, behavioral psychologists have told us that gestures and facial expressions convey at least as much meaning as what we say.

But if you want to try just one strategy to improve how you talk, just move your eyebrows.

It's a fantastic opportunity to level up your communication game. Those quiet caterpillars above your eyes speak volumes when you press them into service. Eyebrows can convey surprise, concern, thought, delight, shock, bewilderment and so on. If it's true that some 80% of communication happens in the face, the eyebrows must be pulling their weight. In American Sign Language, the face conveys both affect and language. So it is with your next sales presentation or Zoom meeting.

Men, known to be generally less expressive than women, can really benefit from this kind of advanced linguistics.

So don't consider facial expressions an afterthought. And whatever you do, don't leave your eyebrows as a silent partner to the communication process. Try it and let me know what you think!

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