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Purposeful diversion

Yesterday, I interviewed Ethan Baker for the Talk to Me podcast. Yes, he's currently Mayor of Troy, Michigan, but a while back he served as Ronald Reagan's personal aide. Man, this guy has some great stories! Watch the interview here.

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Watching The Redhead and I are enjoying Mare of Easttown, the intense Netflix series starring Kate Winslet CBE. Kate is amazing in her role as a hard-boiled police detective who brings her brusque work attitude home to what's left of her family. It's the best thing I've seen on TV in a while.

Laughing A married couple is sitting on the porch sipping wine. The wife says, “I love you.” The husband asks, “Is that you or the wine talking?” The woman says, “It’s me talking. To the wine.” Reading The best way to know the truth is to learn about issues from multiple viewpoints. Each issue of The Week magazine draws from 200 sources to explain what's in different parts of the world. The editors are non partisan, skeptical in the absence of evidence, and avoid "journalese" in favor of brevity and clarity. The Week also alerts you to books, films, music and consumer products that deserve your time. This terrific publication is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Emailing We've been using email more during the pandemic, but are you getting better at it? Cindy Kainz, host of the Bottom Line TV show asked me to share email tips from my Work Hacks book, a while back. Watch the interview here.

Listening I've always been a fan of the Kennedy Center Honors and musical performances at the White House. Listen to Elvis Costello perform Penny Lane at the Gershwin Prize for Paul McCartney. That's Macca's band backing Elvis, featuring Master Sargent Matthew Harding of the United States Marine Band on piccolo trumpet. Gives me goose bumps!

Time to plant flowers!

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