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My favorite Facebook group

Motivational speaker, Jim Rohn said that we become the sum total of the five people we hang around with most.

I like to hang out with healthy, intelligent people. Perhaps you do, too.

That’s why my favorite Facebook group is Eat, Evolve & Inspire. This group is filled with people who love life and want to take care of themselves.

The group is run by behavioral nutrition expert, Rene Pothetes, who has a website and brand by the same name. Check out my interview with Rene and take some notes. This lady really knows her stuff! [Full disclosure, "Red" is my life partner.]

Everyone knows that the present is really important and that we should always be in the moment.

But we live in an age of constant temptation when it comes to instant gratification. In some ways we're like puppies that get to decide for themselves when they can have a treat.

And there's an additional problem when you have an eating regime that allows you to reward yourself whenever you'd like. Many of us reward ourselves at breakfast, lunch, dinner and even in between meals.

Worse, many consume a lot of food that isn't actually nutritious. I’m referring to food that is:

  • Socially accepted (everyone else is eating it)

  • Government approved

  • Readily available at say party stores and convenience stops

  • Less expensive than "real" food

  • Served at restaurants and banquet facilities

I suggest "eating with purpose," which will have you making better choices at the buffet table and even at your own dinner table.

Self-care is not selfish

If you're in the habit of eating food that isn't good for you, the accumulated effect of harmful food is almost certain to negatively impact your health.

The long-term effects of heavy sugar intake and "forever chemicals" combined with a lack of exercise and sufficient movement can kill you. In fact, rampant obesity, heart disease and diabetes has set the stage for the next generation of Americans to be the first generation not to outlive their parents.

Type 2 diabetes -- largely preventable with diet and lifestyle -- is practically at epidemic proportions. There is now a "Type 3" diabetes!

You can avoid metabolic (lifestyle) health issues by taking charge of your own eating habits. After all, nothing goes into your mouth without your permission, right? Take care of yourselves, leaders, so you can take care of others.

Watch the video version of this article, recorded when I spoke at a leadership event in Minnesota.


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