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Marketing, the Ultimate Guessing Game?

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Marketing is almost always a guessing game.

This can cause a lot of debate, second-guessing and atrophy among decision makers.

Someone from an organization that you know very well wanted to publish my article, 13 Ways to Kill Your Rotary Club in a blog. Read it here.

But the decision makers wanted me to rewrite the piece to change the title, change the tone of the article to be more sunny and list only ten ways.

Who's to say which version of the article will get more attention? What should I do?

It turns out that I have some data points on that title already:

- The article was inspired by the book, 13 Ways to Kill Your Community. It's fairly safe to say that author Doug Griffiths vetted the title at least informally and probably formally, as well.

- My YouTube channel (subscribe for marketing tips) showed that nearly 500 people have already watched the 13 Ways video version of the article in the two weeks it's been online.

- I natively uploaded to different Facebook pages (watch one here), which has garnered many more views plus dozens of Shares

Lesson learned

Marketing may be predicated on guessing, but you can make educated guesses.

Good marketing means trusting your gut and early data points. If you have "proof of concept," stick to your guns.

When what you're doing is working, keep doing it and don't let others dissuade you unless they can provide proof of concept to their idea.

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