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Look, there's a squirrel!

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

I'm all for rodent appreciation, but distractions can be, well, distracting.

CEOing Kids are notorious for being distracted by everything from attention deficit disorder to plain old boredom. Not Karter Johnson. This 10-year-old Detroiter is CEO of Popcorn and Books, a literacy outreach organization. Here's his impressive TEDx Detroit talk (video below).

Focusing Reading books takes focus, but it's worth it. A recent Yale study found that book readers live an average of two years longer than non-book readers. (Especially if they consume books on health and longevity, I'll bet.) So download all the "better-living" apps you'd like; a 600-year-old technology is one of the best things you can do for yourself. The Eat, Evolve & Inspire Facebook group is another. Here's how I decide which books to read (video below).

Soothing Many enjoy music as a way to forget about their troubles. Paul McCartney once wrote a song about squirrel chasing. (What hasn't he written a song about?) Here's the lovely Distractions (video below).

Shooting Basketball has changed through the years. The National Basketball Association didn't have a 3-point shot until 1979 after the NBA merged with the American Basketball Association. The 3-point line was marked with tape in the early days, sometimes in the wrong place.

Back then, only desperation plays ended with a 3. It took eight years for the players' shooting average to improve to 30 percent. Today, much of the game is built around "the 3." Watch all-time 3-point leader, a very undistracted, Steph Curry, drop 105 in a row (video below)!

Check out my interview with Kurt David (video below), former pro roundballer and creator of the Emmy-winning TV show, From Glory Days (sizzle reel).

Communicating Sometimes, we're distracted by other people's habits. I teach students in the Zoom Your Sales online coaching course that "Would you be willing to..." is more persuasive than the popular "Would you like to..."

Also, "Can I speak to you about this?" works better than "Can we talk?" which feels like bad news is coming. Here are more selling tips (video below). Let me know if your sales team wants to do better.

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