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Is society getting more formal or less so?

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Not sure how it happened, but we just don't pick up the phone and call people anymore.  If you're like me, you receive text and email messages every day from people asking permission to reach out by telephone.  One guy--I was actually on the phone with him at the time--suggested we have a conversation.  I said, "How about now?"  He seemed momentarily stunned and then said, "Oh, okay."  Why have we become so formal about phone calls? Selling  The pandemic is forcing salespeople to get super creative.  "Do Not Call" Registries, endless voice mail, screeners, and now the denial of personal visits means that sellers and account reps need a sharper set of skills moving forward.  I've launched a new online Sales Boot Camp to help.  There's no real web page, yet, but if you're interested, let's jump on a call. Quoting  "The great enemy of communication is the illusion of it."  -William H. Whyte, behaviorist Reading 

I'm working my way through, Edison, an autobiography by Edmund Morris.  It's a fascinating story, deeply researched (783 pages) and written "backwards" -- the last part of the inventor's life is told first and Edison is born toward the end of the book.   Morris won a Pulitzer Prize for his work on Theodore Roosevelt.  

Listening Drummer and percussionist, Walfredo Reyes, Jr., has built a 50-year career around his passion.  I met Wally on Twitter and he was kind to sit for an interview.  You'll have fun hearing his stories about life on the road and in the studio with Steve Winwood, Santana and currently, Chicago. 

Born in Cuba, Wally's fun to listen to--in more ways than one!  The podcast hasn't dropped, yet, but you can watch the interview here or by clicking the graphic below.  


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