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I move, therefore I am

The days are getting shorter and it's getting colder, so we'll be spending more time indoors.  This is a great time to find creative ways to stay limber and keep blood moving to your brain.  Use this Friday5 (have your pals subscribe here) to be your best at work and at home--even if that's the same place these days.  Consult your doc before engaging in any exercise program.  


There's no cure for arthritis, but you can ward off its progress by managing your weight, controlling your blood sugar and moving through the discomfort.        As I say in the above video, "the coolest people I know are comfortable being a bit uncomfortable."  (Subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified of new videos.)  Stretching Exercise is overrated.  I'll take stretching over sprinting any day.  My shoulders bug me from time to time, so I ward off the gremlins with creative stretches like these during TV time and stand-up convos with The Redhead.  Join her great Eat, Evolve & Inspire Facebook group to stay healthy.

Stepping Your iPhone has a free Pedometer app that tracks daily steps if you walk with your phone.  The cliche of "10,000 steps" started as a marketing slogan.  Give me 5,000 quality steps any--um, every--day of the week. FlashDancing Most people don't make time to exercise, but anyone can bust a move on the way back to their work station.  Do five of something at every bathroom break (push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, burpees).  You'll get more exercise than usual and much more movement than most people. Squatting  The largest muscle in the human body is one of the hardest to exercise. You're probably sitting on it right now.  Do squats to press your gluteus maximus into service and flush blood into parts unknown.  These days, I do my best work, such as the blog post below, sitting on my butt.  

The yin and the yang       

Don't silo mental and physical activity; they work in tandem.  Think while jogging.  Walk while talking.  Smile while thinking.  See you on Instagram!

Best, Michael       248-224-9667 Tips for more confidence   -   Proud Rotarian, District Governor, 2016-17     

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