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He walked across Africa; Also, branding and change


Meet Mario Rigby. He's an "eco-explorer" who has cycled across Canada and walked the length of Africa! He shares amazing stories in this Talk To Me interview. Listen/download on the podcast next week or watch/subscribe on my YouTube channel right now.

Repeating A Twitter bot has sent a message every three hours for the past seven-and-a-half years, reminding folks that a certain website is still online. To date, @SpaceJamCheck (wanna friend me on Twitter?) has Tweeted roughly the same message 24,000 times. This isn't the most efficient type of marketing, the account only has 1,762 Followers, but the Tweets keep the brand alive.

The old-school website pre-dates Google and contains a bonanza of early Internet content. And Space Jam 2: A New Legacy is coming out!

Transitioning More U.S. workers are quitting their jobs than at any time in the last two decades. The good news: People are gravitating to jobs more suited to their skills, interests and personal lives.

If you've worked hard at something for five years (10,000 hours), you're considered an expert and may be worth more, as say, an executive coach or a professional speaker. Let's talk about the possibilities. Meanwhile, here are 5 Steps to Amazing Presentations (video).

Watching I missed New Amsterdam (trailer) the first time around on NBC, but am really enjoying it now on Amazon Prime. If you liked ER back in the day, you'll love this show. It's full of empathy and optimism. Watch this video for help in living your dream life.

Acclimating "Change creates stress, so we get comfortable with our problems." -David Allen

_____ Note: Some of this content was first published in the Friday5 newsletter. Subscribe here.

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