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First impressions, my podcast interview with Chicago Drummer, Wally Reyes, Jr.

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Sean Connery has passed at age 90.  All of the James Bond actors made remarkable first impressions.  The opening scenes of JB films are referred to as "pre-title sequences."  Each mini-movie is filled with intrigue, stunt work, dramatic music, etc.  Watch this video for a fun story on first impressions.  It was recorded at a physical conference (remember those?) in Birmingham, Alabama.  Subscribe to my YouTube channel (click that silver bell!) to be notified of new vids. Learning I'm firing up the Zoom Your Sales online course again.  A nice lady who sells advertising for a national association wants to enroll.  I'll teach her (and you/your team) tons of useful selling strategies to save time, increase sales and build a brand.  All students get live calls with yours truly, plus access to hundreds of hours of searchable audio/video content.  Let's jump on a quick call to see if we're a fit.   Quoting

"If the manner of it be not perfect, it is at least excellent."  -Alexander Hamilton on the U.S. electoral college    Traveling We live in interesting times.  I did an online keynote yesterday for a university in Pennsylvania and on Monday, I'm flying to Sioux Falls, South Dakota for a combination of live, hybrid and virtual events.  Never a dull moment! Listening 

I knew the Talk to Me podcast (video) interview with Walfredo Reyes, Jr. was going to be popular.  It has nearly 1,000 views already!  Wally's a great guy and drummer of the band, Chicago (25 or 6 to 4, Make Me Smile, You're the Inspiration--yeah, that band).

See you on LinkedIn, Michael       

Let's connect on LinkedIn.  It's a great platform to share business-related messages.  I've been sharing links to interesting articles like how to stay grounded when there's drama in your life.  See you there!

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