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Don't forget to use jargon when presenting

It's important to use the lexicon of your industry when presenting.

Songwriters like Billy Joel are able to communicate volumes in short musical vignettes using this technique. Billy's written a slew of songs that seem super authentic, such as:

Check out his lyrics in the song, Stormfront. The 35-word bridge is loaded with nautical terminology.

We've got a low pressure system and a northeast breeze We've got a falling barometer and rising seas We've got the cumulonimbus and possible gale We've got a force nine blowing on the Beaufort scale

Thirteen of the words in the bridge are just repetitive placeholders, but 17 of the remaining 22 words refer to weather of boating. That’s a high hit rate for subject-related buzzwords!

Use jargon when you present Lingo makes you seem like an expert. Infuse your presentations with jargon and lingo. It's better to talk a little above the heads of your audience than below. . . . What industry are you in? What terms do you use to impress folks or hold their attention?

Let me know if you (or your sales team) want help making your presos more effective. And be sure to join the Present Like a Pro group on Facebook for ongoing speaking tips.

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