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Community can mean business

Smart businesses are leveraging nouveau relationships by positioning personalities as friends. Take exercise-as-entertainment, for example.

Cody Rigsby (above) is a shining star for Peleton. He's a YouTube hero, a TikTok celebrity and an inspiration for a legion of online fans. People like having a para-social workout buddy who chats seamlessly (and non-stop) about everything from cadence to Britney Spears. It's a win-win even when these quasi-celebs lay claim to social and moral authority, as long as the energy's good.

Your community doesn't have to have a leader or a spokesperson, but it can help attract members and also curate the group.

Get inspired by the thousands of popular communities out there.

Nextdoor is a popular app for neighbors to stay connected. CafeMom caters to mothers. Reddit has communities with, um, all kinds of interesting people. There are lots of ways to create community for your brand, including: - Private Facebook Messenger groups - Meetup groups and clubs

- Group emails

- Google Hangouts

- Facebook groups and pages

- YouTube channels (subscribe to mine here) I've created community in two Facebook groups: Present Like a Pro and Get the Word Out Now! (a marketing group for Rotarians). Check 'em out!

Make your move

Yes, community can mean business. And it's just the right thing to do.

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