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Can we learn from celebrities?

[Note: This content was originally published in Michael's Friday5 newsletter. Subscribe here and Michael will let you pet his dog when he gets one.] Like most people, my screen time increased a lot during the pandemic.  I've particularly enjoyed browsing YouTube.  There's a lot of fantastic content available, if you can dodge the ads, the crap and the click bait.  

Celebrity worship is alive and well on the world's second largest search engine. But I think we can learn from everyone, especially folks with unusual backgrounds.


As a former bass player, I've been extra-fascinated by Leland Sklar's unusual YouTube channel. This legendary bassist has played on thousands of hits as part of a famous backing group called "The Section." 

Lee plays his instrument on some of these videos and just talks on others.  Sometimes I just watch him listen to music.  Odd, but somehow fun! Storytelling  Sklar's stories are for the ages because he's been a central figure in popular music and because he's performed with so many celebrities like James Taylor, Diana Ross, Phil Collins and Reba McIntyre. 

This got me thinking of all the famous people I've had the good fortune to meet, including musicians, politicians, athletes and of course, author/speakers. Recently, I interviewed Joshua Riehl, director of the movie, The Russian Five.  This trailer features actor, Jeff Daniels.  I also got to chat with the amazing Walfredo Reyes, Jr.,  drummer for the band, Chicago.  Listen to the interviews on the Talk to Me podcast and watch them on my YouTube channel.  Subscribe (ring that silver bell) to be notified when new vids drop. Quoting 

The best fame is a writer's fame: It's enough to get a good table at a restaurant, but not enough to have your meal interrupted.  -Fran Lebowitz Influencing  Of course, each of us is a kind of celebrity "influencer" who creates great experiences for others.  If you're in sales, click here for a tip on how to sell more by not talking.  If you're a leader, click here to have more confidence.      Posing  I've loved connecting with interesting people ever since my days of playing bass guitar for the  Caruso band.  We got to open for a few famous acts, such as Rick Springfield, Joan Jett and Corey Hart.  You can tell a lot about people by how they treat others.  Rick (second from right, below) was kind enough to strike a pose with my brothers and me.

Here's what's next 

Next week, I'll be interviewed by Brenda Meller, a master net-worker and a "LinkedIn Rock Star."  Let's connect on LI and I'll let you know when the interview is available.  

Subscribe to my Friday5 newsletter and be notified of all the new stuff. Now go do something nice for someone.  

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