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Benefits of being special

Developing a presentation "brand" is not easy, but when you do, there are many benefits.

When your brand is unique, distinctive and well-marketed, you can :

- Benefit from that extra popularity

- Get more speaking opportunities

- Help more people (bigger, more frequent audiences)

- Make more money

- Have a platform for other cool things

- Have your reputation precede you

The Star Spangled Banner has been performed thousands of times. Major League Baseball (MLB) has enjoyed some fantastic renditions.

But no one has performed the anthem at all 30 MLB stadiums--until now.

Note: MLB doesn't keep track of who performs the National Anthem at which stadium. The organization cannot confirm that Doepke is the first person to do the deed at every venue, but they don't deny it, either.

Meet Jim Doepke

Trumpeter, Jim Doepke, a former music teacher from Wisconsin has just completed the task.

He began the quest to play at every stadium in 2008. Jim plays "the Banner" on a 50 year-old-trumpet.

His largest audience? A whopping 43,732 at Citizens Bank Park in Philly.

It takes the trumpeter only 56 seconds to perform the National Anthem, but traveling to all 30 stadiums has taken a lot of time behind the scenes.

The amount of attention and recognition has been incredible.

Be different. Be special.

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