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Are you hiding your brand?

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

In 1995, fashion designer Kate Spade had enjoyed only moderate success marketing her handbags.

Although big department stores were placing orders for her brightly colored, sharp-cornered bags, the designer wasn't even breaking even.

Kate's personal savings account was running low and she even considered shutting down the brand, until she got the idea that quadrupled sales and staged the sale of her company for $158 million.

The big idea? She moved the Kate Spade logo from the inside of the bag to the outside.

Do you have a "Kate Spade problem?"

This is a great metaphor for so many speakers and presenters who all but keep their brand a secret, by:

  • Working only for someone else

  • Always presenting inferior, third-party content

  • Representing a corporate or franchise brand

  • Being tethered to silly guidelines

  • Working ridiculous hours

  • Being under-appreciated and way under-paid

It doesn't have to be this way

If this is your situation, we should at least jump on a call to talk about what's possible.

Because clarity is a wonderful thing.

Choose a good day/time for your free consult at Don't hide what you have to offer. It never works out.


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