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Your content marketing super power

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

There are two types of people in the world: those that influenced and those who do the influencing.

If you’re a speaker or presenter, you certainly want people to be influenced by your message. Content marketing can help you make it happen. But first, you must come to fully appreciate your content marketing super powers.

Bob Dylan has sold his song catalog of 600 tunes to Universal Music Publishing Group for a mind-blowing $300 million.

The musician still retains the ownership of his songs. The new deal merely gives Universal permission to license other artists to perform and record Dylan’s songs. These recordings can include commercial advertising, as well.

Let’s be honest. You’re no Bob Dylan. But your content is worth something--even when it’s just “blowin’ in the wind” at no charge. There isn’t a business or brand that won’t benefit from content marketing.

High value content--even when it’s free

Speakers often make their slide decks available to audience members after the presentation, but if your content is amazing, people all over the world can be benefitting from it 24 x 7--if you just make it available.

Let’s consider the platforms that might serve people--and you--the best when it comes to content marketing. (Click on the links below to see a sample of each example.)

You’ll eventually want to arrange a delivery system that doesn’t require you to respond to these nice folks one at at time.

Ways to get your content out

A blog is a great place to publish presentation-like content. Just copy-paste pieces of your presentation into a blog article. It’s loaded with keywords that will help people find it. You can even insert videos of you speaking to support and embellish the message.

Speaking of video, nothing is easier than recording your presentation and posting it (or bits of it) to a YouTube or Vimeo channel.

It’s fairly easy to publish tip sheets and special reports for your content. These documents feel extra special somehow, perhaps because they have to be ordered up by surrendering an email, for example.

You can arrange for these emails to be automatically added to your database or CRM (Customer Relationship Manager, such as InfusionSoft, SalesForce or whatever). Pretty cool!

Content that builds your brand

All of these strategies not only help others access and use your great information, they further your reputation as an authority on the subject and will help get you more speaking gigs.

Let me know if you want help.

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