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The unsinkable human spirit

Humans are so resilient! You can throw anything at them and they still look at the bright side and hang on to hope. I know this from my work as a communication consultant. Working with salespeople who have hit a slump, speakers who can't light up a room and leaders who have lost their mojo has taught me that with focus and purpose we can achieve anything! Here are some bits that captured my imagination and illustrate the indefatigable human spirit!

Nomading I finally watched the award-winning, Nomadland, starring Frances McDormand. Based on the book by Jessica Bruder, it's the story of America's "workampers," a legion of mostly senior citizens who adapt itinerant lifestyles. Some find the movie "depressingly informative"; I was reminded of the indefatigable human spirit. What did you think of the flick?

Improving Many have felt "less than" during the pandemic. If you sense that things are getting back to normal, now is an especially good time to reclaim your greatness. Here are my tips on how not to think during this critical time: Top 10 Reasons for Not Being Great.


"All we have is the present." -Marcus Aurelius Connecting It's fun using one part of life to better understand another. I've been learning to cook. Oddly, this helps me better understand the speaking business -- and vice versa. Join me in the kitchen for this video.

Touring I'll never understand YouTube's crazy algorithm. My video at the John Ringling mansion in Sarasota has gotten 1,388 views in one week. Two hundred views per day is quite high for a video on my channel (thanks for subscribing). I'm grateful, but have no idea why this vid is so popular.

Minnesota, here I come

One of my first post-pandemic business flights will be to the great state of Minnesota. I'm building out a trip to "the land of 10,000 lakes" the week of November 7. I tease my MN friends, telling them, "Michigan doesn't have 10,000 lakes. Just five great ones." (Watch this bit "live" at 2:30 for a smile.)

____ Note: This content was originally published in Michael's Friday5 newsletter. Subscribe here.

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