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The art of distraction

[Note: This article was first published in an issue of the Friday5, Michael Angelo Caruso's newsletter. Subscribe to this fun newsletter here.]

I hope you and yours are healthy during this unusual time. One of the keys to getting through challenging times is something I call, "the art of distraction." Here are some useful distractions that I've been enjoying and you can, too.


I've enjoyed a lot of great audiences in my speaking career.

Check out this fun chat with two young ladies from Louisiana at a leadership conference a while back. Things get off to an interesting start as they discover that mom lied to them. Subscribe to my YouTube channel (and ring that silver bell!) to see newer videos. Learning

Rene Pothetes (join her amazing Eat, Evolve, Inspire! Facebook group) gave a fantastic online talk last week on how to grow your immune system. The session offered great advice for getting quality sleep. We learned about the Oura Ring, the amazing pineal gland and Blue Blocker glasses (are they good for you?).

Restorative sleep requires a serious time commitment and good "sleep hygiene" like complete quiet and darkness. Book a free nutrition consult with The Redhead and get yourself straight. Diverting

Paul McCartney was a productivity machine both during his time with the Beatles and his amazing solo career. For a guy who's so hyper-focused, Macca sure nails the topic of diversion in his song, Distractions. Self-esteeming

Okay, so that's not a word. But don't let uncertain times negatively impact your personal confidence. Here are tips for staying upbeat even when times are tough. Reminiscing

I'm using Covid-19 Slowdown to digitize old photographs of my family from back in the day. I ran across the gem below; a different time for sure. From left to right: Joe, Dave and yours truly. More fun pics on Facebook and Instagram.

Here comes spring! More warm and light headed our way, friends.

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