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Sales advice from a 13-year-old

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

The rules for selling are the same no matter where you live, what you sell or even how old you are.

Hayli Martenez lives in Kankakee, Illinois where she sells lemonade. The 13-year-old entrepreneur is already on her way to mastering the sales trade. Hayli's business practices have been well-profiled in the media (see video above) and even written into law.

Here's how Hayli crushes the competition in her neighborhood and how you can increase market share in your industry:

  1. Offer choices. Hayli sells 50 flavors of lemonade so there's something for everyone. You can purchase $1 cups and $2 cups. If you're purchasing one serving, that's over 100 choices available from Ms. Martenez's little lemonade stand.

  2. Create atmosphere. Hayli makes sure that her display is clean and neat and that signage is easily understood. She plays music that gives her "energy" and helps customers feel welcome.

  3. Weave approval into the sales process. "Grab-and-go" is discouraged at Hayli's lemonade stand. Customers are asked to sample the lemonade before walking away. This all but assures positive feedback and a feel good moment for all.

  4. Ask "yes" questions. The easiest way to improve sales is to ask binary questions that are likely to end in a "yes." If customers sip Hayli's beverage and like it, the business owner offers them a gallon for $15. This allows customers to get more value and the seller to make a bigger sale.

More on asking "yes" questions in the video below:

6. Have sales goals.

Young Hayli has a sales goal of $100 per day. Every aspect of her business, including hours of operation and her uniform, is geared around achieving that goal.

Here's how to sell to the four main personality styles. (Subscribe to the Michael Angelo Caruso YouTube channel to see new content and receive ongoing communication tips.)

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