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Put a fresh coat of paint on your presentations

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

The Pantone Color Institute recently announced "Veri Peri" as its "2022 Color of the Year".

Veri Peri is a "new" color, but it's essentially a derivative of periwinkle, a pastel indigo. The color name periwinkle first appeared in the English language around 1922, but its new this year, get it? As a result:

  • Interior designers will create with peri

  • Webmasters will use it

  • Media outlets will talk about it

  • Clothing manufacturers will incorporate the color

  • Realtors will stage homes with it

  • Workers will discuss it at the water cooler

  • Publications will produce stories about it

  • Paint stores will stock it

  • People like me will post about Veri Peri

All because somebody made an "official" announcement. Get out your paint brush! It's time to put a fresh coat of paint on your presentation. One easy way to keep your message fresh is to fold in updated content. Another way to keep things new is to try a different delivery method. Example: I recently incorporated a song lyric at the end of one of my presentations and even sang a couplet from it. The bit went over well, so I'm going to work a mention of the song into the BEGINNING of my next talk, then end with the lyric. Finally, if you have no time to make changes to your talk and don't want to experiment with delivery, you can always just wear a Very Peri sweater or something.

Want help improving your leadership or sales presentation? Note: A version of this article was initially shared to my Present Like a Pro group on Facebook. Join it to get ongoing speaking tips.

We can also jump on a call, if you'd like. I'll give you some fast counsel on how to be more effective as a presenter.

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