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Millennials aren't "taking over" - They're "succeeding"

Here's an instructive story about leadership.

The hotel sales manager was going on about the dangers of millennials.

She said they are lazy, feel entitled and are not good with details. Her rant lasted a couple minutes. While not mean spirited, it certainly couldn't be characterized as a positive review of the younger generation.

Here's the best part.

The front desk clerk, a millennial, was standing right beside her. The senior leader didn't invite her into the conversation and the millennial stood mute during the diatribe.

Heads up, older folks.

There's no reason to be paranoid that millennials are running rough shod over your generation. They are not "taking over." They're succeeding you.

Embrace them. Help them. Thank them. And remember, good leaders create other leaders.

Here's my interview with Shawn Blanchard, an up-and-coming young leader in Detroit.

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