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Learning from the past; Search tips; Networking; Tiny videos

Happy National Bobblehead Day (December 7)! Who doesn't like it when heads are nodding "YES"? Here's my favorite technique (video) for getting agreement. #JustSayYes

Learning I'm reading up on the history of Ireland. Easy to invade, but difficult to conquer, the "Emerald Isle" got a slow start. The only European nation that didn't build a university in the Middle Ages, Ireland owned a mere 14% of its own country by 1790. A famine in the 1840s killed one million people. Its land was not suitable for grain agriculture until the 20th century. This is the setting for Belfast (trailer), a remarkable film from Kenneth Branagh. I thought it would be a grim movie, but it's a delightful story--fun for the whole family. #recommended Searching Want some online search tricks (20 tips)? Enclose your search term in quotation marks. Add "URL" if you're looking for a website. Use a hyphen right before a keyword to filter out a term that's cluttering search results. In general, the more keywords, the better. Searching "Michael Angelo Caruso leadership" on YouTube will get you a much different result than "Michael Angelo Caruso selling". #TryIt

Grooving Here's a favorite lyric from Everyday People, the Sly and the Family Stone hit, composed by Sylvester Stone: "There is a blue one who can't accept the green one For living with the fat one while trying to be a skinny one. Different strokes For different folks And so on and so on and scooby dooby dooby." Connecting Has your networking (blog) game been lacking?

Here's a pro tip. A wealth of research suggests that your less familiar business acquaintances or "weak ties" (article) have more info, opportunities and potential introductions for you than either your primary contacts or total strangers. #ReachOut Marketing Tiny videos are all the rage. TikTok (these are links to my accounts; let's connect!) made them a thing. Referred to as "Reels" on Facebook and Instagram. They're called "Shorts" on YouTube.

The first few Shorts I posted to YT did nothing special, but this video (below) has gotten 2,369 views in only two days -- even with a backwards book cover. #nice What do you think?

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