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Judy changes jobs

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Here's a fun success story that will inspire you... Judy Sheindlin was unhappy at her job. Successful by any measurement, she knew her career had reached a plateau. It bothered her that she wasn't serving as many people in the way they deserved. She also knew she was capable of earning more. It was time to forgo the job security of working for a long-established company. Judy began talking to people about setting up her own shop as a consultant who operated her own enterprise. After much soul searching and due diligence, Judy put together a new team to help realize her dream. From now on, it was going to be HER RULES, HER WAY -- and she would make sure everyone was the better for it.

That's how TV's "Judge Judy" became "Judy Justice" At age 79, Judy Sheindlin left CBS after 25 seasons.

Judge Judy had consistently held a number 1 Nielsen-rating among all court show programming and regularly drew approximately 9.5 million viewers daily. By its third season, viewership for the show surpassed frequent daytime ratings leader, The Oprah Winfrey Show. Within a few more years, Judy was on top of the world as an international celebrity, an author...and a millionaire. But she wasn't happy and was considering her options. Judy set up shop with IMDb TV, a division of Amazon Studios and the show is off to a great start. She's creating celebrities with her new "cast," including her granddaughter (her "law clerk" on the show), a "stenographer" and of course her trusty "bailiff." Her new-ish Twitter account is rockin't it with 132,000 Followers. (I'm on Twitter @MichaelACaruso, if you'd like to connect there.) Moral(s) of the story - It's terrible to feel under-appreciated or under-compensated - There's no need to feel unfulfilled with your job/career - Starting over is hard, but also invigorating and energizing - You're never too old to hang out your consultant shingle Trust me, YOU have a presentation skill set than can change your life. Want more success in your life? Let me know if you'd like to schedule a Breakthrough Call to talk about what's possible. It's free and there'll never be a better time to improve your situation. Choose a good day/time for us to chat at

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