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How did sales get so bloody hard?

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Ever wonder how the sales profession got to be so challenging?

It's not easy to navigate past the screeners, the Do Not Call Registries, the Do Not Knock signage, and the relentless rejection.

Selling takes patience, discipline, talent and a certain temperament.

And you have what it takes. You make things happen.

You have a deep motivation to get out there and provide solutions for prospects and customers--even when they don't know they have a problem!

It doesn't matter if you know about "decoy pricing" or use any of the 100+ cognitive biases during sales calls. (You're probably aware of loss aversion, even if you don't know it by name).

You were hired because of your unique personality and talent. Someone believes in you enough to keep buying you airplane tickets and fuel for your vehicle.

Being amazing, doesn't mean you shouldn't try

You're paid to make magic happen during face-to-face meetings.

You do things that can't be done via a web form, through email or on social media.

Your valuable service cannot be replaced by a brochure. No amount of search engine optimization will ever take the place of your unique skill set.

But just because you're irreplaceable, doesn't mean you shouldn't try to improve.

I've developed a new online sales coaching program just for talented sellers like you and we've got some amazing success stories.

As a commissioned salesperson for all of my adult life, I've learned from the best and now I'm teaching others. (Click here or the graphic below to learn why selling is like golf.)

Want to rock your career?

Let's grab a phone call so you can take your skills to another level.

Make more things happen.

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1 Comment

Victor P
Victor P
Sep 24, 2022

This was lovely thanks for sharing this

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