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Getting Referrals Like Pulling Teeth?

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Many salespeople and business owners struggle with getting referrals.

I once had a dentist who was having trouble growing his practice. He never seemed to have many patients.

I asked him why he had never asked me for referrals. I’ll never forget his answer.

He said, “I don’t want to seem needy.”

Salespeople miss huge opportunities by not being open to the idea of having new customers.

Referrals are great because they usually allow you to skip the cold call scenario, so you can get straight to business on your first interaction with a prospect.

With a referral, you can often shorten the sales cycle, as well. This allows you to close faster and then spend more time closing other deals.

Referral selling (often called “referral marketing”) is a great way to all but guarantee that your leads are pre-qualified and genuinely interested in your services or products before you make time to visit with the prospect.

Interested in getting referrals? Read on…

Getting referrals doesn’t have to be hard

It seems like referral selling would be a no-brainer for any salesperson. But there are many reasons we don’t truly systemize the referral process:

  • Were never taught how

  • Not in the habit

  • Afraid of rejection

  • Not sure of the best time to ask

  • We get too busy and forget

“I missed my first (best) chance and now it’s awkward…”

We think that satisfied customers won’t want to help us.

Want help with your sales?

In my online presentation training course, I help salespeople learn how to:

  • Never forget to ask for referrals

  • Speed up the selling cycle

  • Microwave cold referrals

  • Keep you from working against yourself

  • Cultivate reciprocity by helping the prospect first

  • Double your referrals with one word

  • Get your referral program to constantly feed you warm leads

Watch this free webinar to learn about other ways you can improve sales.

Start getting referrals today!

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