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From cassette tapes to podcasts

Lou Ottens, the inventor of the audiocassette tape, died recently at 94.

Watch below, as kids of today react to what was a very popular invention not long ago.

Cassettes taught life lessons such as thrift. You could capture 120 minutes of music on one cassette and record over "old" music as your tastes changed from Pink Floyd to The Pretenders.

I learned time management while hunting for songs on the radio and guessing how much time was left on the tape. Mix tapes educated us on "signaling theory" during amorous get-togethers. Cassettes were a form of currency for those of us with limited music budgets.

Cassettes have been replaced by great platforms such as Pandora, Spotify and podcasts. Listen to my Talk to Me convo with Peter Schultz. He helped start the band Rush! Watch the video version here or below.

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