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5 cool ideas for repeat sales

It almost always costs less to generate a repeat sale than it does to find a new customer.

Repeat sales are also wise investments because they increase the likelihood of quality referrals. Here are 5 Cool Ideas for going back to the well. 1. A communication system guarantees the customer’s attention.

Stay in the forefront of the customer’s mind by establishing a communication system. The system should be consistent, easy to administer and palatable for your customer.

Use customer relationship marketing (CRM) software to keep you on schedule and capture details that will serve the relationship. Whatever system you use, keep track of your customers’ hobbies and the names of family members. A database is only as good as the data. Keep your software updated and do regular back ups.

2. Each subsequent sale should add depth and dimension to the relationship.

It's human nature for a salesperson to develop a sales routine and stick with it, yet a new approach may be just the ticket for repeat sales. The first sales might occur because of a telephone call or a series of written messages. The second sale may happen due to customer satisfaction after the first sale. The third sale might occur because you and the prospect discover that you have mutual friends. Don't just recycle the same conversations. Dig deeper and make more connections. 3. Always have something new to sell.

When my brothers and I toured the country in a rock band, we learned that music acts seldom go on tour without a new product. A new collection of recorded material, for example, generates a press release for newspapers and the music trade. The media announces then announces the tour, which is made newsworthy by the release of the new product. Always have an exciting answer to the customer query of “What’s new?” Even new information is a new offering. 4. Adjust your own sales cycle.

How often do your customers purchase? The sales cycle presses up against the customer’s buying cycle and voila! Clever computer companies want customers to buy the latest and greatest so they stop servicing older models and regulate the availability of replacement parts. 5. Different modes of communication help you sell in different ways.

Use all modes of communication, including personal visits, e-mail, phone calls, outgoing voice-mail messages, your recorded voice mail message and thank you cards. Write your message on balloons, newspaper articles, postcards and restaurant matchbooks. I once closed a deal by writing this promotional message on an airline airsickness bag: “You’ll be sick if you miss this great opportunity.”

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