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3 tips to optimize YouTube videos with keywords

Video marketing is a fantastic way to promote your product or service, but it takes a bit of effort to dial it in.

3 tips to optimize YouTube videos

Before I give you the three easy steps to optimize YouTube videos, let's review the importance of keywords, which people will use when searching for your information online.

The importance of keywords

If you created your video for a specific purpose, it should be easy to come up with a couple dozen keywords that are central to your message.

[Note: Lots of platforms offer the keyword marketing, including my (Wix) blog site.) Keywords for this article are:

  • video

  • marketing

  • YouTube

  • three steps

  • optimize

Make sure that batch of syllables includes two or three keywords that directly relate to the essence of your message. Those two or three words can also be used as a keyword combination or what is sometimes referred to as a "long-tail" keyword. Sample long-tail phrases for this article are:

  • video marketing

  • YouTube video

  • optimize YouTube video

  • Michael Angelo Caruso

  • 3 tips to optimize YouTube videos with keywords

  • keyword stuffing

  • video title

  • video tags

3 tips to optimize YouTube videos with keywords

There are three places to include your keywords when posting videos on YouTube:

1. In the video title. Use those two or three most important keywords in the title of your video. (Limit the title to 70 characters or less so that the full title can be seen on mobile devices.)

2. In the description. Load up the description with all of your keywords and keyword combinations. Aim for between 150 and 300 words. That's quite a bit more than the average person bothers with, which is one of the reasons why most YT videos don't have many views. It's recommended to re-use your favorite keyword two or three times, but avoid "keyword stuffing," because YT will penalize you.

Note: YouTube's current algorithm puts more weight on keywords found in the first two or three sentences of the video description. Make sure to include a call to action in all of your video descriptions. Tell the viewer what to do next, such as click a link, try something new or watch another video.

3. In the tags. You can easily populate the tags by key-stroking from your master list of keywords and long-tail phrases.

Things to keep in mind

Only you can see the tags you use. Translated: You can't see your competitor's keywords.

Of course, YouTube changes its algorithms from time to time. No search engine optimization (SEO) strategy will reward you forever, so stay alert for changes and marketing trends. Check out the videos on my YouTube channel to get more tips on how I go about using keywords to increase views.

Good luck with your video marketing and as always, your comments are welcome below.


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