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The ability to tell a story is perhaps one life’s most useful skills.

Smart leaders use stories to motivate team members and inspire high performance.  Savvy salespeople tell stories to encourage prospects to become customers.  Parents use stories to inspire good behavior from their children.

Yet, most people don’t really know how to tell a story.  The creation of a powerful narrative cannot be ad-libbed, but it can be shaped and sculpted, especially if you are familiar with the narrative essentials.

Joseph Campbell wrote extensively of “the hero’s journey” as a story formula and now Michael Angelo Caruso teaches how to use the power of narrative at work and at home.​


Stories can inspire, persuade, motivate and sell.  Storytelling is a skill that can improve your relationship with people and even increase your revenue, but you must craft an efficient, entertaining story that functions extremely well at three junctures: the beginning, the middle, and the end.

The beginning

Michael will help you learn more about how to craft the beginning of your narrative, including how to:

  • Stage and frame the story

  • Choose the best modality for your story

  • Develop a flair for the dramatic when necessary

  • Establish positive expectations

  • Introduce and development characters

  • And more!

The middle

It’s important not to lose people when telling your story.  Learn tricks for navigating the tricky middle of your presentation, including how to:

  • Use humor to make your point

  • Read your audience better

  • Stay on message

  • Optimize using word substitution and Michael’s special editing technique

  • And more!

The end

It’s critical to conclude with a positive moral or a call to action.  Learn the finer points on how to:

  • Get people to act on your story

  • Increase sales through storytelling

  • Get a promotion by polishing your narrative skills

  • Have fun educating and entertaining others

  • And much more!

Get the power of story now!

This program is available as a keynote speech or a training session.


Call or book a free consult with Michael today to learn how to help your team members polish the art of storytelling.

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