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The secret to a smooth day is understanding others.

The best way to understand people is to be more pro-active when communicating with them.


Being a pro-active communicator not only helps you understand what someone is thinking, but also helps you anticipate behaviors relative to productivity and work flow.


It all starts with a positive attitude and refined interpersonal communication skills.


Michael’s Secrets of Pro-Active Relationships is a fun program to help your team members sharpen their speaking and listening skills.

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This is one of Michael’s most popular keynote speeches because everyone wants to solve problems before they happen.


All of us need good communication in order to succeed. And who better to deliver this type of content?  


The author of  Hmmm . . . Little Ideas With BIG Results will customize a program to help you and your team develop communication strategies that work.  Laugh and have fun while you learn to solve problems before they happen.


As a special bonus, Michael will present his remarkable “Success Script” that uses predictable speech patterns to deliver positive results nearly every time.

Professional development is personal

This content is a double dip because it helps attendees improve communication both at work and at home.

Michael  gives tons of clever, interactive tips that will help attendees sharpen their awareness of verbal and non-verbal signals.

Non-verbals involve the science of neuro-linguistic programming, which we can use to better read people. Examples of non-verbal signals include eye movement, a hand fluttering to a face, and how a person responds to confrontation.

Catching these signals can make or break a business deal and certainly help folks solve problems before they happen.

It’s easy to see how this keynote speech can be extremely beneficial for:

  • Leadership of all stripes

  • Customer service reps

  • Salespeople (inside and outside)

  • Work teams of all kinds

  • Everyone on your team who is required to communicate


Above average communicators think ahead

Michael explains that most people communicate the way they play checkers, thinking only one move ahead.

The rest of us communicate proactively, thinking four or even five moves ahead, not unlike chess players.

When you think ahead and practice pro-active communication, you can avoid misunderstandings and keep relationships on an even keel.

Michael’s presentation style is a cross between Malcolm Gladwell, Tony Robbins, and a clean Ron White.  

The Secrets of Pro-Active Communication presentation also provides strategies for improved listening and lots of helpful tips for effective speaking, as found in Michael’s, Work Hacks book, which is available at a bulk discount for all attendees.

Everyone can be a better communicator. That’s why this program is the perfect keynote address for your next conference. ​​​​

Attendees will learn to:

  • Use the 15 most powerful words

  • Stop trying to change people

  • Self-edit; learn 10 things you should never say

  • Employ 5 cool ideas for being more persuasive

  • Be in control all the time

  • Leverage the amazing power of first impressions

  • Use “predictive dialog” to guide the conversation 

  • Engage others using “active listening” (video demo) skills

  • Understand others using the cognitive biases 

Pro-active relationships make everything better

This program qualifies for continuing education units (CEUs).  Learning objectives include:


  • Communicate better in three specific areas: word choice, tone and timing

  • Better cope with the four main personality styles

  • Demonstrate and teach at least five pro-active communication strategies to others


Pro-active communication will save you money, prevent misunderstandings, and help you achieve your goals sooner.


Feedback on this keynote speech has been terrific.  This is a program everyone will enjoy!

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