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Michael Angelo Caruso has a reputation for getting results quickly. He coaches in four main areas: speaking (Present Like a Pro), book authoring (Write That Book), and selling (Zoom Your Sales). 


These are the most effective programs of their kind because of two components: customized video calls with Michael and his team and lifetime access to a membership site that contains hundreds of hours of video tutorials.

The ability to effectively communicate to groups is the most important business skill you can cultivate.

Leaders and salespeople in particular need to inform, motivate, persuade, and inspire in both in-person and virtual platforms.

The right coach will teach you everything you need to know–and much faster than you ever thought possible.

Michael offers three coaching programs: speaking, writing, and selling.


Speaking - Want to be a more effective speaker? Remember that everything is a presentation. MAC will help you every aspect of your talks from content creation to the call-to-action and from pipeline to PowerPoint. This online training will help you banish the negative emotions normally associated with speaking and allow you to command the room or the video meeting to change behavior, get results and amp up your career.


Selling - If you're selling something (and who isn't?), Michael is the Salesperson Whisperer that helps identify what's holding you back so you can help more people and get paid for it.  


Writing - If you've always wanted to write a book, Michael will help you get published using the fastest and most effective book-writing program available. He'll teach you a concept called "speed-writing" so you take delivery on your book as fast as eight weeks!

Present Like a Pro speaker coaching 

Present Like a Pro (PLAP) is a six-week online class that covers every aspect of presenting. You will get not only information, but transformation. Presenters  are never the same after completing this course.

Graduates include elite salespeople (insurance, prosthetics, water treatment specialists, food safety, etc.), CEOs, professional speakers, attorneys, and internationally recognized leaders. 


"My Present Like A Pro results were nothing short of amazing! Michael's teaching style is personal, practical, results-oriented and very entertaining. He's a real student of speaking and he helped me a great deal.  

You'd think as a trial lawyer I would have had it down already, but we are often oblivious to our own shortcomings as presenters and often don’t appreciate how much room there is for improve-ment. 
Watch a few of Michael's videos on YouTube, then talk to him about his great class. You won't be sorry!"
Michael Drake, Esq.
Phoenix, Arizona

PLAP is like an accelerated college course without pressure or intimidation from the professor.  Michael's speaking style is a cross between your best high school teacher and your favorite comedian.  


Watch this video to learn what Present Like a Pro graduate, Kevin Noll says about the course.

                             _ _ _

Everything is a presentation, especially your sales activities. Zoom Your Sales is a powerful online class that will teach you how to be much more effective when selling. Reduce your sales cycle and improve your closing ratio. Sell more, better and faster. 

Get a free consult with Michael to learn more and see if you/your team are a good fit.

All of Michael's courses have two key components: super-effective live video calls with Michael and lifetime access to an amazing self-study member-ship site with hundreds of hours of video and audio content.  


The membership site

Upon enrolling in Michael's online training courses, you’ll be granted lifetime access to a very unique Membership site. 

Watch or listen to 100+ hours of word searchable video and content. You'll also get access to dozens of helpful articles and unique info-graphics.  

The videos are powerful because they provide "role model" demos that show you how to drastically improve your presentations and command any room. Michael will even make you a stronger seller on video platforms, such as Zoom.

This "role-model training" is super fast and effective!


Live video calls

Most self-study courses don’t deliver the ultimate learning experience because they lack an accountability component.


Michael's coaching classes include a series of invaluable live video calls so he is with you throughout the course. 


These sessions provide a nutritious learning experience with interactive dialog instead of talking-head lectures.  You'll get answers to your questions in real-time rather than via a time-delayed help desk. Most importantly, you'll receive constant encouragement as you become a better communicator and an elite presenter.  


Don’t worry if your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend every live session. All of the calls are recorded in video and audio formats, then uploaded to the membership site.  Search the videos by date, topic or even time frame.

Watch the videos on your desktop computer or mobile device. Listen to the audio lessons while driving or on the treadmill.

This is your time!

Your presentations are important to you, so take action now.

Make the most of your speaking opportunities, so you can help more people. 

Now is a great time to become a better speaker for the rest of your life. 

Enrollment in Michael's online courses is by invita-tion only. 

Choose a good day/time to speak with Michael and get a complimentary consult valued at $250.00.


“Thank you Michael Angelo Caruso for helping me tighten up my From Underdog to Top Dog speech and work on delivery. You’re great to work with!”


-Chantell Vallee, Head Coach for Female Basketball Program, University of Windsor; five consecutive CIS national championships, Women’s Basketball Coach of the Year, WESPY Awards Coach of the Year in 2012 & 2013



Here are some frequently asked questions to help you decide if Michael Angelo Caruso's online coaching program is a good idea for you:


/Is online training as effective as in-person training?

Online training is actually more effective in some ways. Video is very similar to being in the room with someone–and without the hassle or expense of travel, weather or parking.  Online training delivers amazing results, especially if you’re working with the right coach.


/How soon can I expect results?

Valuable lessons will be delivered in the very first session. How quickly you apply what you learn is up to you.  It’s not unusual for clients to get coaching on Tuesday and improve their presentation on Wednesday.  


/Will I have homework?

Yep. Your homework is to apply what you learn as soon as possible, observe the results, celebrate success and to report back in your next lesson. Improvement is fun when you’re seeing results and getting lots of positive feedback.


/What gear do I need?

You’ll need a webcam and a good Internet connection such as dependable Wi-Fi. All training is done on the Zoom platform. You’ll receive a one-click URL as a meeting invitation and lifetime access to the Membership content upon enrollment.

Request your free consult today

Schedule a Breakthrough Call today so you stop missing valuable opportunities such as raises and promotions.

We don’t enroll everyone. Michael likes to work with people who are coachable, resourceful and decisive.

Give us as much info as you can at the outset. Tell us about your industry and your company or organization.

Let us know about the results you're getting (and not getting) from your presentations.

Here are other questions we’ll be asking:

  • Are you preparing for a certain presentation or job opportunity?

  • If so, what dates do we need to keep in mind?

  • What specific aspects of your presentations do you want to improve?  

  • Are you interested in training for yourself, for your team or both?

  • How will you feel when you can help more people and advance your career?

  • How will you feel when you can command any room and feel super confident?

Take action today and become a better communicator for the rest of your life!

Watch the free online master class, Present Like a Pro – 5 Steps to Amazing Presentations and schedule your free consult with Michael today!

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