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This entertaining keynote speech has delighted audiences on four continents.


Engage Anyone in 15 Seconds was Michael Angelo Caruso’s most requested keynote in the last six months.  


Michael turns what might be a mundane topic into a lively stage show combining satire, comedy, storytelling and a surprisingly large cast of players–the people in your audience.


Conference and event attendees are immediately taken in by Michael’s conversational delivery style.


He's like a cross between your best high school teacher and your favorite comedian, moving from bit to bit, easily weaving laughter and learning.  ​


Michael works “in the round,” so he roams the crowd for much of his performance.  It’s fun watching him work the room, effortlessly delivering his content and demonstrating various types of first impressions in real-time.


His keynotes have been called "a crafty mix of monologue, interviews and group therapy."

First impressions can be awkward

We’re not at our best in unfamiliar situations where we must interface with unknown people.


Yet, the first fifteen seconds sets the tone for the entire relationship,  which is why it’s worth doing a deep dive into what exactly should happen in the first few seconds of an interaction.


First impressions are important in any situation, but they are especially critical for salespeople, customer service representatives and leaders.


There are, for example, two main types of compliments.  One is important, but common.  The other type of compliment is so rare that when you deliver it in the first fifteen seconds, it will dramatically impact how that person thinks of you.


Michael’s communication strategies involves psychology, persuasion and trying something new, but this keynote creates a safe environment for people to at least consider the possibilities–and that’s a good start.


Michael becomes an instant role model for his audiences.  It’s not unusual to see attendees having fun with his techniques as soon as his session is over.


This fun video from Michael’s YouTube channel shows how to gracefully deliver a compliment within the first 15 seconds.

In Engage Anyone in 15 Seconds, Michael Angelo Caruso covers how to:

  • Execute “The Perfect Handshake”

  • Light up every room

  • Craft an irresistible elevator speech

  • Keep your body language from working against you

  • Master the lost art of compliment

  • Meet 60 people in 60 minutes at your next networking event

  • Sell without “selling”

  • Create an instant value proposition in your first ten words 

  • Shorten your sales cycle

  • Make selling fun again

  • Read people better and faster

  • And much more!

Schedule Michael for Engage Anyone in 15 Seconds

Michael is well known for how he “works the crowd” with wit and charm. If your people like to have fun, they’ll love Michael Angelo Caruso!


His unique speaking style has meeting planners referring to Michael as “the best speaker in America.”

He’s the rare keynote speaker who successfully dovetails laughter with learning, entertainment with education.


Use video clips of Michael’s performance to increase event registration.

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