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Hire Michael Angelo Caruso to keynote your event!

Business Meeting

If you’re a business owner, sales manager, or salesperson, working with Michael will make your sales reach new heights!

Want to improve your sales skills?

Giving a Speech

Working with Michael will break boundaries and send your presentation skills through the roof. After all, everything is a presentation.

Want to improve your presentation skills?

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Michael Angelo Caruso teaches leaders and salespeople how to be better presenters. He's a valued communication consultant to companies and organizations all over the world.

Michael has delivered over 2,000 presentations and keynote speeches on five continents and in 49 of the 50 states. 


He's an internationally recognized expert on the subjects of leadership, selling, and improved customer service.

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John Greening

Event Planner, London, England, UK

"I saw Michael perform in Sydney, Australia and immediately hired him to keynote a leadership conference of 650 attendees in the United Kingdom.  If you’re looking for an amazing speaker, Michael’s your man!”

Kevin Noll

District Manager, Alfac, Pocono Region

“I had the pleasure of experiencing Michael Angelo Caruso's online presentation training course. I've taken classes from some of the top speakers in the country and Michael's 'Present Like a Pro' is the best so far. The content is top-notch, but I really like being on video calls with the man himself.  Michael really knows his stuff and he's helped me improve my sales presentations in a hundred different ways. Highly recommended!"

Bridget Grewal


Packaging Consultant, Birmingham, MI

“I attended Rainmaker training at Michael’s home and his tips helped me and my team obtain over $2.5 million in business within 90 days.  Amazing!”


[Update:  Bridget reports that the total ROI from Michael’s training is now closer to $4 million. These types of results cannot be guaranteed.]


Edison House
3543 Tremonte Circle South

Rochester, MI  48306

Tel: (248) 224-9667 

Call with time-sensitive issues

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