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The miserable CNN+ launch: A cautionary tale for your speaking career

Launching your brand seems easy, doesn't it? After all, you're reasonably smart and there's lots of great technology at your disposal. If you've got a moderately successful platform, you've even got a head start. Easy peasy, right?

That's why the recent CNN+ debacle is so shocking. In 1980, Ted Turner's Cable News Network was the first news station to provide 24-hour news coverage. CNN is consistently rated as one of the top three most-watched news networks in the United States. But CNN+, the much-promoted subscription streaming service, was live for a mere three weeks before executives pulled the plug, a $300 million experiment with a disastrous and embarrassing demise. CNN strategists had corralled high-priced talent such as Audie Cornish (formerly at NPR), actress Eva Longoria and Chris Wallace (from FOXNews), but they couldn't save the concept. The CNN+ team was huge. Hundreds of layoffs have shocked the industry and stalled careers. Books will be written about the mistakes that were made with this launch. The streaming service wasn't even a month old, when it was cancelled. The international launch had managed to only sign up 10,000 subscribers.

Here's the good news... You can still do A LOT better with your brand. Just avoid the pitfalls and you'll do great! As you think about launching your brand as a speaker: - Get super specific about your value prop - Be sure to differentiate yourself from other speakers - Do not underestimate the competition - Resist overestimating your ability - Get a good speaking coach who will save you tons of time and trouble At least collect on the free consult you get as a member of my Present Like a Pro Facebook group.


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