Plagiarism is stealing; Original content is best

Many speakers routinely "borrow" other people's content without providing attribution.

(If I hear one more person talk about "finding the 'why'" without crediting Simon Sinek, I'm going to lose it.)

This may seem like a harmless act, but in the business, it's referred to as "plagiarism," which is essentially stealing.

Melania Trump got busted for cribbing speech content from former First Lady Michelle Obama during a 2016 convention speech. MT owned up to it, but only after being publicly embarrassed.

But old habits can die hard....

Then the First Lady issued a book titled, Talking With Kids About Being Online that was nearly identical to a 2014 booklet issued by the Obama Administration. #Ugh.

Work hard to deliver original content in interesting ways and you'll never go wrong.

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