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Goodbye, Eddie Money; Hello, Malcolm Gladwell

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Music has a way of attaching meaning and context in our brain stems. I earned my stripes as a young adult in the 80's playing cover songs from the great pop artists of the time. It was the great philosopher, Eddie Money, who sang, "Don't be thinkin' 'bout what's not enough now baby, just be thinkin' bout what we got." Love that song!

As you may know, Eddie passed away recently. Thanks for the memories, Money Man and rest in peace, baby. Here's Eddie's breakout single from 1978, Baby Hold On.


If you want to be an even better leader, tell better stories.

Click here to watch a video demo of how to use story when presenting to your team. I recorded this in England, mate.

Moving Rene and I are moving this weekend! We'll have a bit more room, more natural light and a nice change of scenery.

Our new place in Rochester, Michigan will still be fairly close to Detroit and not too far from the airplanes. Speaking of which...

Learning Next week, I'm delivering sales training to a retailer based in Edina, Minnesota. They want to improve their relationships and customer service. Read this article, if you do, too.

Reading I'm reading Malcom Gladwell's great new book. Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know About the People We Don't Know is about how we often misunderstand people as we're getting to know them.

Gladwell dives deep into famous scandals where almost everyone was fooled. #Madoff #AmandaKnox #SandraBland #JerrySandusky

Again, click here if you want to receive my Friday5.

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