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Five cool ideas to make things happen

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Note: This article was first published as a Friday5 article, a weekly motivational message from international author and speaker, Michael Angelo Caruso. Subcribe here.

Yearning - In my keynote speeches, I deliver content that changes peoples lives in lasting and remarkable ways. Still, one of the most common questions from audience members is: "Where'd you get that cool shirt?"

Unsimply Stitched, Robert Graham and Bugatchi have great deals online. (Above photo by the great Mark Einhaus.)


Earning - Make bank by being a hero. Heroes do things that others are unable or unwilling to do. Here's an idea-- be your own hero by reading at least four books a year. It's no coincidence that "earning" is part of "learning."


Learning - Words are important. People judge us by the words we use. Grow your vocabulary by subscribing to A Word A Day. Find fun ways to practice. I called my brother Rob with "the word of the day" every day for a month.


Returning - Summer vacations are wrapping up and soon the kids will be getting back to school. Many adults are in the "back-to-school" mindset, too. I'm offering free consults (Zoom video calls) to help you become a better speaker.

Book a session if you're in leadership, angling for a promotion, launching a brand or want to increase sales. Offer good until September 5, 2019.


Adjourning - Documentary filmmaker, D.A. Pennebaker, passed away this month at age 94. He essentially created the music video genre in May of 1964, by having Bob Dylan flip through flash cards displaying the lyrics to Subterranean Homesick Blues. Early Dylan never gets old.


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